We code it all

With everything being online and in the cloud nowadays, the term Web Development was coined.
Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps and even Desktop Apps are all within scope. We're coders, languages are simply barriers.

Mix them together

Where before designers designed and programmers programmed, web development is bridging that gap and bringing the two together. ANIMUS can thus compete with the finest out there, as it boasts exceptional talent in its collective...

Web Development, quality affordable

  • Mark-up specialists (HTML, XML, CSS)
  • Web graphics specialists
  • IU/UX Specialsts
  • Java & Javascript Programmers
  • ASP.NET Specialists
  • C# Programmers
  • VB Programmers
  • .NET Specialsts
  • PHP Programmers
  • Ruby Railers
  • Python coders
  • Database Administrators
  • Even a Software Engineer

We don't just do websites, we do tailor-made web applications suited to your needs. If we don't develop from scratch, we customize every CMS, CRM, Shopfront etc to your specific needs and budget.