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Graphic Design has many forms

Graphic design has evolved into many forms over the past few decades. From static images
to moving pictures and now it has become fully interactive thanks to the world wide web.

What we Design:

ANIMUS media does Multimedia design. From static photo editing to video editing, to interactive website/app design...

Classic design, the new way

  • Conceptual Artists
  • Photographers
  • Photo Retouching specialists
  • Web designers
  • Web Marketing specialists
  • DTP Operators & Typesetters
  • Copywriters
  • 2D / 3D Animators
  • Video Editors
  • Sound Engineers
  • Voice over Artists
  • Musicians

These are most of the design skills held by the Animus collective.
Each Animus member has studied art and design to some degree, and knows that the computer is but a tool used for the expression of the artist.