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Animus Media is a collaboration of experienced Designers, Artists, Programmers and IT Specialists in South Africa. We do whatever your Online Presence or Corporate Identity needs done. Our team's collective experience spans a vast array of skill sets over a vast array of media and communications industries.
And if we can't do it, we know people who can. So feel free to speak to us, we're happy to be of service.

Graphic Design

From logos and business cards to billboards and animation - we can do it. We have a wide range of experience of just about every media industry out there among our members.

Web Development

Need a website? We specialise in creating websites that work. Need your website marketed? We have decades of experience in that among our members.

Web Hosting

Need hosting for a new website or app, or just need better? Our self-managed hosting can handle almost any technology and database out there, at very affordable pricing too.

So what is ANIMUS media?

Are we a group of Freelancers? Well yes, and also no. Each one of us do, or at some point ran our own show. Some of us have our own companies, some of us even have full-time jobs, some of us had to leave those jobs to raise the kids.

The traits that every member of Animus shares, is the discipline to work by themselves and in a group. A certain level of experience is also required in their fields and also lives. Quality of work and ethics is paramount here, as Animus is a Meritocracy. Thus Animus allows us access to quality and reliable skills and services we'd otherwise have to sift through oodles of dodgy freelancers to find. Our offices are whoever's boardroom, house or office is available. Our web hosting is one of the very few overheads of Animus.

Why do we do it? Yes we all can use a little extra to go to our kids' educations, but truth is that we love what we do. We're artists, and where the workplace often doesn't allow us that expression, ANIMUS media does.


ANIMUS media

ANIMUS media

Well, of course. Our collective needed a banner, and a test to see how well we work together when no money is involved. The site needed to be a CMS, as for all to be able to make updates from anywhere in South Africa. Each single member contributed and poured in passion, and the result speaks for itself. Built on ASP.NET MVC 5, Umbraco, HTML5, CSS3, Skel & JQuery. No designers or developers were harmed in the process. (Fully responsive & mobile-ready.)
Tau Game Lodge Website

Tau Game Lodge Website

Tau Game Lodge is a Luxury 5-star, Big 5 Safari Bush Lodge. With such a definitive description, Tau needed a website which can portray a bit of paradise and luxury among the wild things in the rugged bushveld. Capturing the essence of this bushveld paradise was challenging at times, but our team did a 1st-class job. The site is also a full CMS system, where every part of the content is editable by the Tau staff. Being a media-intensive site, integrated image processing was implemented throughout. Built on ASP.NET MVC 5, Umbraco, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery & Bootstrap. Fully Responsive and Mobile-ready.
Rangers' Blog - Tau Game Lodge

Rangers' Blog - Tau Game Lodge

Even at a 5-star lodge such as Tau, the best experiences are always had on the game drives and walks in the bush. As such the Tau Game Lodge Rangers Blog was born, to share some of these magical experiences with old and potentially new patrons alike. Being a Blog system, it's automatically a CMS system where all page and blog entry content is editable by the Tau rangers 24/7. Being a media-intensive site, integrated image processing was implemented throughout. Built on ASP.NET MVC5, CarrotCake, HTML5, CSS3 & JQuery. Fully Responsive and Mobile-ready.