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 Covid-19 Info

Unmasking the Covid Hoax

The only world-wide pandemic is Ignorance, and the only global killer is the Vaccine.

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The Global Scamdemic:

Imagine a vaccine so "safe" that you have to be blackmailed into taking it, for a virus so "deadly" that you have to be tested to even know you have it.

— Anon

Things are not as your government and the mainstream media is telling you. We are being lied to, plain & simple - there is no pandemic and this whole Covid-19 thing is a hoax. Here you will find the facts in short form, with an accompanying blog post to elaborate and present evidence.

If you believe that "it would be on the news or in the newspaper if it was true", I'm urging you to at least employ the responsibility to make sure you have all the info. You could save the lives of your family & friends as a result. So, let's begin...

Covid hoax scamdemic and lies

Event 201

What would you think if you found out that some evil people in this world was planning this whole "pandemic" quite a while before it happened? I'm not talking about people who expected that at some point there may be a global pandemic, but specifically a coronavirus outbreak.
Does that sound crazy? Yes it does, but it's also 100% true...

Click here for more detailed information and evidence on why people call this a "PLANDEMIC".

The PCR Test: Fraudulent Statistics

So where do all the cases of infection come from, if there’s no pandemic? That’s easy: blatant lies & fraud. This is achieved by (mis)using a test method in such a way that it would yield high rates of false positive tests for CV19. By increasing the cycles of the PCR test, it is rendered more inaccurate at increased cycles. Thus the PCR tests were used to inflate all statistics and create the ILLUSION of a pandemic.

Click here for more detailed information and evidence on this "CASEDEMIC".

Masks & Lockdowns: the new Yellow Star

"What’s the issue with wearing a mask?" Some may ask, and the answers are all simple... Masks cannot stop a virus. Also, wearing a mask even for just 20 minutes is very unhealthy in a few ways. Both these facts are mentioned as warnings on the packaging of the cloth masks. Believe me, the bastards mandating masks are aware, and want you to get sick from this so that they can do a useless PCR test on you and tell you it’s covid.
Now consider the psychological effects it could have on humans, but especially our kids...

Click here for more detailed information and evidence on this "Mark of the Beast".

The so-called Vaccines

I say the "so-called" vaccines, because they are nothing of the sort. It's simply a mRNA payload they're injecting you with. Once vaccinated, a person can still contract the virus AND the vaccinated person is then highly contagious, classified as a "super-spreader". We've not even touched on all the terrible side-effects, one of them being the 1000s of deaths the media won't report on, as governments try to cover that up. So let's talk about this and see what these injections really are...

Click here for more detailed information on this "Silent Killer".

The bigger picture: Globalism

"But why would they do this to us?" You may ask, because we'd all like to believe that we live in a democracy, and our governments are supposed to work for us, correct? Not any more, unfortunately. Our governments now view us as cattle to be farmed for taxes to enrich themselves, and they’ve found a superb way to enslave us now too - which we carry with us everywhere we go, which some of us will struggle to live without because we've grown so attached to it. So let's talk about our Globalist Elite Overlords...

Click here for more detailed information on this "Evil Globalist Plot".

How do we end this Tyranny?

So what can we, a few citizens do to end this medical tyranny, and the accompanying globalist takeover? To start we can remember what we are, which is Human beings with free will. We can do all the things they tell us not to do, and we can wake up even more ignorant people sitting in darkness and despair, to join us in the light. Most of all, we need to realise that we outnumber these bastards thousands to one. We need simply Refuse & Resist.

Click here for more detailed information on what action to take.


Downloadable Resources to Spread Awareness

* Attention: Some governments, including South Africa have threatened fines for spreading mis-information. Although this is not mis-info, the courts may interpret mis-information just as they please depending how corrupt the courts are.

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