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 Graphic Design

The Digital Age needs graphics

Graphic design has evolved into many forms over the past few decades. From static images to moving pictures and now it has become fully interactive thanks to the world wide web.

Freelance Software Developer South Africa

What we Design:

ANIMUS media does Multimedia design for everything it creates. Every kind of interface for any kind of website, app or program uses some form of graphic design to make navigation and data presentation as pleasant and efficient as possible.

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

— John Maeda

The more graphic-intensive work such as websites with optimised graphics is what I've specialised in for decades. You can rest assured that your web app or site will be loading lightning-quick through proper optimisation.

I can also design your Corporate Identity. I can design your logo and layout for your business card & other stationery, your email signatures & templates and probably a few other things too if you need.

Classic design, the new way. UX/UI