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This service is to give you a ballpark idea of what developing a website or application with similar functionality could cost. This should by no means be treated as accurate, but it serves well as a budget check.

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Static Website Content
No programming environment, no database or interactivity. Simply HTML, Javascript and Images. Due to this, only small websites are statically developed.
Dynamic (Interactive) Content
Site is developed within programming frameworks and connected to a database. This allows for real-time image processing & interactive content to run, such as blogs and membership logins.
Small Website
Perfect for a new or small business. A basic informative site, still quality designed and search engine optimized to get your presence out there.
Medium Website
For established businesses with quite a few services and products on offer. Products in a database and other dynamic items don't count as pages.
Large Website
For large businesses or groups, typically news sites or large online enterprizes managing large amounts of content. Products in a database and other dynamic items don't count as pages.
Template Design
To save us time and you money, we have have lots of pre-designed templates we draw from to build your site design. Templates and elements are modified to compliment your corporate colours and preferences.
Custom Design
The bragging rights to that unique design on your website come at a price. Custom designs are done from scratch, and depending on the amount of different pages and elements required can be very time consuming.
Blog (Weblog)
Whether you're a business keeping clients up to speed or a hiker documenting your explorations, a blog is a useful and simple way of communicating with followers and potential clients.
Image Gallery
Professional photographers & smartphone snappers will both benefit from a self-managed gallery. Upload, caption and share your creativity with the whole world, 24/7.
E-commerce System
A secure, self-managed shopping cart with checkout system for all types of products, physical & digital downloads. We facilitate 3rd party payment options, but don't offer any
Content Management System (CMS)
Manage all your content of your website by yourself via a secure back office admin system, including adding pages. CMSs also have access to a few other interactive functions to improve your site visitor's experience.

** Search Engine Optimization is included for all options.